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Wolverine Pool Tables



Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do I have enough room space for a table?

A: Standard table sizes are measured by the actual playing surface (from the cloth covered nose of the cushion rubber to the opposite cushion rubber). Room size is obviously a major consideration when choosing which size table you want. Another important consideration is playing skill. The larger the playing surface, the more challenging the game becomes.  If you have any questions about room size, cue length, or table size, call Wolverine at 248-399-7255 and we will be happy to assist you.

The minimum room sizes are as follows:

7 foot table  --- 12' 9" x 16' 2"

8 foot table  --- 13' 2" x 17 1"


Q: Should you insist on a slate table?

A: There are few major reasons for choosing slate.  First, slate is a rock so it will not warp. Secondly, due to the extreme weight of slate it is very hard to bump the table and knock it off level.  Other surfaces such as artificial slate are lightweight and can warp.  Wolverine uses only the finest slate, a full 1-inch thick in a three-piece configuration.  We guarantee our slate for the lifetime of your pool table. Without question slate is the best playing surface.


Q: Can you make other custom furniture besides pool tables?
A: Yes! We have the ability to make many things such as custom bars and cabinets of all sorts. A very popular idea is to create a custom bar to match your new pool table (picture below). Please call for more details! Also, we have the capability to make custom cabinets. Below is just one the kitchens we have completed recently. Again, please contact us for more details.





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